Big News!!!! Big Decision!!! A Step Forward!!!!!

Hello my dear viewers! I have a news for you. I have made some major changes which I should have done long ago but wasn’t sure about it!

Its been a year since i have started blogging. I was using wordpress as my base for blogging! I always wanted to get my own site, with my own domain but I didn’t know back then whether this is just as hobby or I’m serious about this stuff. But now that it has been a year I gave it a thought and made a decision to get my own site!!

So with the help of my friends, I have made my own site named .All my posts from the old blog have been transferred to the new blog and soon i will be deleting this blog. It will be really nice if you guys could have a look at my new site and show some love there!! this means alot to me.

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Mehendi | Eid preps

Eid Mubarak Everyone!! A long month of fasting has passed and finally eid has arrived with all the fun and festiveness. Well it’s kinda traditional to apply mehendi every Eid.
I love Mehendi but I like it to be simple yet classy, I searched alot through net to find something unique this season. I love it.


So what is your mehendi design this season? Do send it to me or tag me on Instagram, I would love to see your designs and inspiration.
My Instagram handle: @_b_thirteen_
Snapchat: @b_13een

Also comment how do you like my design… Want to know your opinion!!!

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

Lakme CC cream vs *New* Lakme 9to5 CC cream

Hello guys!! Lakme came out with new improved** CC cream and I wanted to see what is “improved” in it.
I love the old cc cream and I’m using it since it was launched. It’s great for everyday use, light weight, medium coverage, conceals pretty much fine.

Claims for new Lakme 9to5 CC cream:
Instantly protects, Moisturises, Brightens, Evens Skin Tone, Conceals and freshens.

Well the claims are exactly the same as the old one except by the 9to5 tag which makes it more long lasting than the previous one.

The new packaging is hands down better than the previous one, love the rose gold theme of all 9to5 products.

There isn’t much difference in formulation between the both except the consistency of previous one is a bit watery and the new one is a little thicker and stickier which I don’t like. If you don’t set it with good amount of powder you will look like a grease ball.


LHS- old one RHS- new one

By mistake I got the shade beige instead of bronze which I thought would be lighter but because it is a cc cream it doesn’t look cakey or whitish on skin. After applying it blends into the skin and doesn’t feel you have applied anything even when it’s a lill light for me.

I wanted to take the 9to5 test so I wore it the whole day to college to see it lasts the whole day. After a whole day of lectures and tiresome practicals I was really surprised when I saw my self in the mirror. I was looking like I had a bath in oil. My face was so greasy and so oily that I was looking terrible, it never happens to me when I wear original one. I was really disappointed.

1. Greater SPF.
2. Great for dry skin.
3. Affordable, easily available.
4. Good coverage and stands by all its claim.

1. Not at all 9to5 product.
2. Not good for oily skin.
3. Sticky consistency.
4. Cakes of into patches and creases in fine lines.

So if you are looking for a good cc cream go for it if you have normal to dry skin to get a nice glowy dewy look but if you are oily skinned like me go for original one ( though that too is a bit oily but doesn’t cakes or creases like new one). And make sure pack it with powder.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

Loreal Infallible The Cannes Collection 2016 | Mini Haul


As you all know loreal launches some new stuff every year during Cannes film festival. This year they just added few more products to their infallible range and I got my hand on few stuff as there were lots of offers going on everywhere.

1. Loreal infallible foundation:


This is my second bottle. Not because I finished first one but because my dad dropped it and it broke. I was waiting for offers to buy this again.
Original price: 1400/-
Discount price: 996/-
It’s just an amazing foundation and a must have.

2. Loreal infallible mega gloss:
Shade: 110 I got the power.


Loreal launched 12 glosses but I loved this shade. It’s a beautiful nude gloss, very creamy and lasts pretty long.
Original price: 850/-
Discount price: 680/-
It’s a must have gloss.

3. Loreal kajal magique bold:


I got it free with the gloss. And I must say it’s better that the previous one. Not the best in the market but better.
Original price: 350/-
Discount price: free.
I wouldn’t recommend to buy it separately.

4. Loreal mat magique 3 in 1  compact:


It’s not part of infallible range but I just restocked it because I hit the pan on previous one. It’s amazing compact for oily skin.
Original price: 399/-
Discount price: 299/-
Affordable being a loreal product.

5. Sonam kapoor signed post:


If you purchase products worth above 1000 you get a post card which has a cute saying which I liked, with sonam’s photo on the front.



Hope you like the blog
Also tell me if you have tried more products from this range. My favs are the foundation and the gloss.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

Me now Longlasting lipgloss generation 2 review


Hello Beauties!!! Like I promised in the last blog, I got more shades and Im reviewing them for you once again. Well the thing is after I bought the shade 22 I wanted try more so i got it of . There were 2 sets of six S1 and S2, I went with S2 because looking at the pictures it looked it had more nudes. Well I was really disappointed by colours , it consists of pinks reds and maroon and most surprisingly it also contained shade 22. they also gave me two same shades 29 from which one i havent opened yet.


Shades given:

21: light pink

29: bright pink

22: purple

09: orange red

32: maroon



Honestly, i hate it… i dont like the colors. They are super drying, Sticky. When you apply second layer it just goes everywhere. Pain in the ass to remove. If you top it with a lipbalm or a lipgloss it looks better. it sets into the creases, cracks of. Well for me it was waste of money but it was set of 6 for 599/- so its no heart breaking.

Will i try more shades? never.

The shades I like from them are 22 and 21.




Me Now Longlasting Lipgloss

Cheapest dupe for Kylie’s Kourt K


Hello Everyone!!! I’m back with something so interesting that you would love… Well recently i had a trip to Mumbai and i was street shopping some stuff at Crawford market and there i saw a small shop of beauty and skincare stuff and i couldn’t help myself entering the shop to have look at what they had in stock (I was actually looking for miss Claire products ) and then i found this me now lippies… actually it was the packaging that drew me to it, especially this color. It said lip gloss but when the salesman swatched it on the back of my hand I was like I need it at any cost. I asked the price and he was like 100/-!! YEA!!! it was just for 100 bucks and I was sure I’m buying it. It’s the only shade I got because others were fuchsias and magenta and I’m not a person who wears a lot of pinks.


One Single Swipe
Tube and Wand

Shade 22
I bought it because of the color but later i realized it was a dupe for Kourt K from kylies lip kit and i was so happy when I realized that. The packaging is really pretty. It is extremely pigmented and extremely matte. When you first apply it, it feels kinda sticky but after drying the stickyness goes away. The wand and applicator are Okay, personally I would love if the length of the holder of the wand would be slighly increased for better hold and application. It is extremely drying, so i would suggest you exfoliate before applying (wont have issues if you have normal lips). it settles into the lines and cracks a little bit after drying. It claims to be 24 hours longlasting lipgloss which i absolutely agree but no one wears it for that long. It is waterproof and transfer proof. It will fade a little from middle after a greasy meal, there is also chances of product flaking out. It wont come off unlesss you use a oil based makeup remover or oil instead. It is really tough to remove and leaves a small pinkish tint which looks beautiful.


  • Beautiful colour.
  • Dries completely matte.
  • Super longlasting, waterproof, transferproof.
  • Nice packaging, comes with pretty decent applicator.
  • Super Inexpensive.


  • Very dry, not suitable for dry lips.
  • Cracks and may flake.
  • Sticky before it dries.

RATING: 3.5/5

I have ordered more colors from amazon and they may arive pretty soon, comment or like if you want so see review on those too. Have a great day.



The Birthday Blog…

DSC_0161.JPGHello dearies!!! Its been exactly 15 days from my blog post  Why I hate my Birthday, in which I said why I ain’t excited for my birthday. But here I am a day later sharing with you my birthday diary. TBH it was the best birthday I had in years… maybe it was because I didn’t expect too much. Here is my Birthday Fashion Diary…


My outfit details:

Top: ONLY India

Jeans: Kraus Jeans

Bag: Local Store, Bandra Market (Shop name: Valentino)

I usually find something very dressy and elegant for my birthday but sadly I didn’t find something like that but when laid my  eyes on this top, I knew I needed this top. Its a beautiful navy blue loose top with white stars which is so adorable ( I find everything with stars adorable). It fits beautifully on the arms and the waist elsewhere its loose. It has a big round neck and can be wore off shoulder. I bought this light blue jeans to balance the top, it is a nice mid-waist slim fit jeans ( don’t mind my mobile peeking out). I wore plain black gladiators with it as I was going on a beach. I did a soft blue smokey eye with nude lips.

Umm yeah I spoiled my jeans…

This is a look you can where anytime, anywhere and will look awesome… Its more of a casual wear but I love it. Comment down below how do you like this look and share it with your friends.




Why I hate my Birthday

Everyone loves to celebrate their birthdays. Throw parties, get gifts, feel special, enjoy. I too love to celebrate my birthday but it’s the day I get disappointed the most and its just worst day of the year. I used to get so excited for my birthday that I used to start planning months before but for past few years I hope that the year just skips the day. My birthday is around the corner and I haven’t even planned anything except just disappearing. You must be wondering what bad happens to her that she is overreacting so much, I’ll tell you why and then maybe you could relate:
1. Friends who never ever ever remember you become bffs when your birthday come.
2. People whom you don’t even talk to ask for parties.
3. Only day you want to feel special and expect people to do something special but they disappoint you.
4. People whom you don’t want on your birthday come at your home and you have to invite them.
5. No Gifts.
6. No Surprises.
7. Best friends are unavailable.
8. Sitting at your birthday party alone and everyone else enjoying themselves.
9. Family too is busy to celebrate with you.
The list is never ending, what more should I complain about. Well it not the people, its me that I expect too much from them which gets me disappointed. I get really pissed when something doesn’t go according to my wish and the truth is nothing ever goes according to one’s wish. I won’t stop expecting and I won’t ever be happy on my birthday, it’s just how I am.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

Shades of White💞

Few days back I was at my grandma’s place, which I visit every year. It’s in Karnataka, it’s a small village where I have many memories of my childhood. Well whenever I go there I have to dressed up all traditional, I mean I do wear dresses for college but it’s compulsory there and here I can’t wear shorts sleeveless and stuff… You get what I’m saying. So this trip I wanted to do something different, I wanted to visit few more places of Karnataka so we made a plan to go to Lakkundi, a small village with a great historical heritage, it is said that there is so much gold in the ground that if you dig you may find gold but it’s strictly prohibited as it’s archeological site. There are few ruins of temples which I wanted to visit.
If you have seen my Instagram page you must have seen pictures of me of the temple, but I’m not here for the temple. I’m here for this beautiful dress from W, which stole everyone’s heart. It nothing special, it’s just a plain white dress which goes with the whole spring summer temple vibe.


It’s a pic from the backyard of my nanis home which matched so well with my outfit.


Summer is here and if you are going to travel alot, I suggest you to buy these types of dress which look so classy and chick that will go with the whole summer vibe and will look good on everyone.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo

Essence xxxl long lasting lipgloss | Review


Hello guys! Welcome to my blog. Today I will be reviewing the essence xxxl long lasting lipgloss in the shade soft nude. Essence is an international drugstore brand and the products we get here are at low price as well. I hadn’t tried this brand before but heard a lot things about it. While I was surfing through Amazon I found this lip cream and as you know lip creams are so in nowadays and I loved the colour, goes with the Kylie Jenner lip colours. So I bought it as it was not that expensive.


Price: 279/-
matt = a must! if you love this lip trend, the velvety-matt, long-lasting lipglosses are ideal for you! the light, mousse-like texture lasts on your lips for several hours without drying them out. particularly easy to apply thanks to the flat applicator.
Long lasting,silky lipcream for a soft matte finish.


It’s a beautiful cool toned mauve shade very similar to Candy K lipshade. As it is cool tone nude, it won’t flatter dark skin tone as it will make you look washed out. I would like it a bit warmer to suit me. Though it looks very beautiful and will look even more beautiful on fair skin tone.
It is not completely matte for which I was really disappointed. It is semi matte and is a bit patchy. If you rub you lips together, the product will get accumulated on the edge of your lips. The product bleeds. As for long lasting claim I DO NOT agree with it, it has very bad staying power. It only lasted for 2 hours even though I didn’t eat anything and bled out. I bought it because it said matte but it is not, it not long lasting, it washes my look a little bit. But I must say it has an amazing vanilla scent which makes me feel to eat it and it also tastes good ( not that I tasted but you know we sometimes lick some products my mistake).


I am not happy with the product. I’m trying to make it work for my skin tone by applying a dark brown liner beneath it. It doesn’t stay for long but the colour is gorgeous and its inexpensive. It has two more shades, a pink and a red, but I don’t think I would be buying them coz I’m not happy. Though it would look fabulous with bold smokey eyes.
Would I recommend it to you?
Definitely not.
If you are fair toned and want a good nude you can go for it buy it won’t stay for long.
Rating: 1/5
Thanks for your time and love. Follow me and stay tuned for more reviews and tips. Till next time, stay happy and be beautiful.

Love to all – Bareen -xoxo